According to some reports, it all started sometime in 2006, but nothing can be confirmed or denyed. Past participants have either been captured or killed. Speaking only in the broadest of generalities, it is fair to say that sometimes the group is sassy, and sometimes it is downright mean. On many occasions it is both, while also slipping into something utterly indescribable- a moulage of congealed blood if you will. Currently, Matt Wittman strums the thick strings, Vitamin Lee Diamond keeps time on the skins, Steve Shodin lends his big mouth, and Ken Edge scratches, paws and slashes at the the old six string. It's a lovely little mess.

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"All skronk"
The second of the 2008, and 5th annual, series of East River Music Project open air concerts took place under threat of serious thunderstorms. The line-up was all skronk but each band had a different edge. First up Blood City were punk skronk, second up Emperor X was anti-folk skronk, third up Obits were power-garage skronk, and lastly Titus Andronicus, whose set was indeed cut short as the skies finally opened up, were freak-dork-rock skronk. Another well put together show from ERMP, who never fail to find ways to elevate the city's musical consciousness - Punkcast


In response to "Curtains" CDR/EP

How about something new? How about something that will provoke your ears to piss rancor, malevolence and ire? It’s time to get mean, and Blood City Shackup are providing a heavy dose of thunder on their self—released demo, Williamsburg Massacre.

Remember those mid-90s basement shows? Remember standing next to a kid named Henry in a Hoover T-shirt? Emo was new and hardcore was an unrequited love that nobody cared about. To the left was a pair of lovers slamming a bottle of Robo while a manic alter boy danced across the cement floor like a chicken with its head sliced into chunks of tiny cubes.

This track, “Year of the Clap”, will force you into that basement with a violent thrust down the stairs. Everything in this tune thumps. The drums drive us through a succession of dangerous dead man curves. While the bass sets us off on a pulp adventure of ass kicking proportions. The vocals and guitar screech out a story of Circus Lupus b-sides and post modern hip shaking. Enjoy this hot shot of coffee to the face.

- DStortion via The 5 Minute Convo


Brief interview with Steve on Charged By The System here.